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Projects: Project Ivy

Project Ivy arrived as a real ugly duckling. It was a rough and rusted out 68 bug, that someone in their misplaced wisdom poured paint stripper over to hasten the rusting process. The previous owner had wanted the rusted rat look, and when Ivy arrived, thats what Lee was hoping for too. Rat look really only succeeds if the car is genuinely solid but maybe a bit tired looking. Unfortunately this car wasnt going anywhere. After a comprehensive restoration including full air ride suspension, custom interior, Porsche chrome wheels, and more bling that Jordans jewellery drawer, Ivy Picked up awards at every show. One question we always get asked: Why project Ivy? Well thats the owner's (Lee Goddard) request- His Gran left him a few quid when she passed away and he decided to put the money into something he could remember her with. Her name was Ivy.





Projects: Buggy

This buggy, my own project started out as a cow barn find. Its a Gp Mk1 body, but was badly damaged and missing sections of it where the animals had been rubbing or more likely scratching against it. During its restoration I decided to go the 'street buggy' route, with lowered suspension and a full custom Stereo install and interior. Bodywork modications included the fitment of Fiat coupe rear lights and did you spot the custom third brake light? The 'Lawlors Customs' logo glows red when the brakes were touched.